Building Speaker Stands Guide

We moved house a few months ago and although I’m pretty happy with the new room that I have for my studio, the re-arrangement meant that I now didn’t have a surface to put the monitors on. After looking around for speaker stands and thinking that everything seemed a bit expensive for what you got I decided to build my own. Well I say it was because of the expense but there is no doubt that part of it was just because I wanted to have a go.

This won’t be a blow by blow account of things, but it should give you enough to go out and build some of your own from what ever is available to you. A quick word about tools; I only needed to use a drill and a jigsaw and I borrowed both of these from friends. I don’t have a work bench of any sort either so ended up using one of my deck flight cases as something to rest on.

The basic plan and image in my head was inspired by a guide I found online but at the moment I seem to be having problems finding it again. As soon as I do will put the link in here and credit the person properly. Sorry that the credit is not here at the time of publish.

Its really important for me to mention at this point that although I had a rough construction in mind I didn’t have any exact measurements for any of the component parts. I just turned up and had a look at what they had in HomeBase picking materials that I thought would work. I ended up spending about £40 on wood, and another £5ish on screws. This included 2 long batons 60mm x 30mm and an MDF shelf 330mm deep that had a beveled edge suitable for the leading faces of the feet and the top shelves. I used 2 different length screws, 65mm and 40mm both 4mm in diameter.

I cut the batons into the 4 legs, 900mm long  and the 4 braces, 100mm long, both shown above. The MDF shelf was cut into 2 feet 300mm wide and 330mm deep. I also cut the 2 shelves from the MDF, 200mm wide and 280mm deep, slightly smaller than the feet to try to make them a bit more stable.

I attached the braces to the upper face of the feet and the downward face on the shelves. I drilled 2 pilot holes and used the 40mm screws as show above.

I then attached the legs to the braces using the longer 65mm screws, connecting the feet to the shelves. As you can see that’s the last bit of construction.

I then painted a coat of primer, as it was bare wood, and then I sprayed them black, in some sort of attempt to make it look a bit “hifi” lol. Anyway you could just give them a couple of coats of what ever you have laying around, if its of a suitable colour. I also finished mine off with a set of Universal Acoustics Vibro Pads to isolate the speakers from the stand.

It was all pretty painless for someone who had very little experience with wood work and who didn’t even have his own tools. All in all I spent about £78 including the isolation foam.

So, what do you think ?

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