Bad Times

For those of you that read this site, (maybe 1 or 2 people at best), you would have noticed that there has not been much, if anything happening of late. This is due to several reasons.

  1. I have been about as inspired to make music, as Avram Grant was an inspirational choice of new manager for  West Ham. I don’t know why really but I just can’t get anything to come out at the moment. Everything I have done over the last few months just seems a bit “meh” and I have found sitting in front of the DAW to be a very frustrating experience. I think I need to not worry about it though and hopefully once my state of mind has changed a little then I will get back my inspiration and everything will OK. Going to leave it there though before this turns into a tutored artist type of deal…zzzzz…
  2. To add to this Bavelja has been in a very similar place to me of late, and hasn’t even been playing his piano let alone writing anything new. This means that if both of us are at a loss then we’re definitely not going to get anything done together which puts that project on hold for the moment.
  3. Last but by no means least is that the project with Nedos will be on hold indefinitely as his studio was broken into recently and the whole place stripped bear. The gear going was fairly traumatic, I lost some bits as well, but the real kick in the gut was the fact that because the back up drives were also stolen we have lost the projects for everything we have done in the last 3 years. All we have left now are a few mp3’s and waves that we had. In a double wammy these are all “quick mastered” versions so its not even like we can polish them up properly and get them mastered. Harsh.

So, what do you think ?

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