Change of Direction

As I have been working on different things of late I have decided to rearrange the site a bit, so that’s it is less focused on the differing music projects I’m involved with and more focused on just anything that I’m doing. As such there will be pages that display different types of media as opposed to the differing small projects. So for example there are no separate music project pages now, only a single page with all the music I have done. I think this simplifies things and allows me to spread my wings a bit in terms of the video projects that I have been doing of late, and allows me to put online a lot of the photography that I have done in the past. I’m also going to be less precious about the music that I do on my own and I’m aiming to get a lot of stuff up in the next few months that I have had on the computer for ages. This starts off with me giving away 2 tracks, The Six and Factory Floor.

So, what do you think ?

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