Why blog about biking?

I write some up ride reports anyway for the MTB group I run at work and so thought I may as well start posting those along with some reports I could do for my own riding. I also wanted to make some definite goals this year for my mileage so thought that doing those in public and recording as such might help push me along. With this in mind I intend to give an update every Sunday evening with my miles for that week and the last day of the month a full mileage update of where I am so far over all. I won’t be making any distinction between my commuting and my other riding for mileage count purposes. As we are so close to the end of Feb, I’ll make my first update next Wednesday.

Goal for the year is 4000 miles.

Which equates to roughly 334 miles a month.

Within that mileage I also want to take part in at least 3 100 mile/12 hour events. This might be more tricky as not being a driver it is working out quite difficult for me to get to events that I want to take part in and none of the guys I ride with regularly are into this sort of riding. I might end up just dong as many events of any kind as I can or maybe something else. Errrrr just not really sure how I can make these types of goals realistic at the moment. Also I would like to do some bivvy MTB this summer but again if I don’t want to ride alone (which is not a problem per se) then I will need to find some new ride mates.

So, what do you think ?

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