Milage Update for March

Well its been quite a month of riding. It was a 5 weekend month which meant 5 big rides, along with a weekly night ride have really stacked up the mlies. I got a new video made this month and done some great rides in some awesome weather. I feel I’m owning the 60mileish distance now and not just getting through it. Hope to be comfortable with 75-80miles by the end of April, but I will be away on holiday a few times during the month so I’ll have to see how that goes.

March – 578 miles

February – 406 miles

January – 305 miles


  1.' G

    Bit random but, I’ve recently moved to south Birmingham (Stirchley) and I’m looking for some mountain bike routes any chance I could latch on to one of your rides one day?


    • composite

      Yeah sure mate not a problem in general. Bad timing though as I broke my arm Wednesday night in a MTB related crash at Cannock and I’ll be off the bike for 6 weeks at least.

      Check out the routes section though, there’s some ideas there for some local rides.

  2.' G

    Sorry about the late reply. Been really busy with work. Hope the arm is on the mend, I’m riding mountain mayhem in a couple of weeks, maybe we can sort some ride out after that?

  3. composite

    How was Mayhem looked like a wet one?

    I was at the hospital last Friday and unfortunately I’m looking at another 4 weeks minimum before I’m riding again.

  4.' G

    Mayhem was really bad to be fair, some sections were un-rideable until the heavens opened and turned it so a huge chocolate milkshake.

    Let me know when your riding again.


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