Mileage Update for April

As previously predicted April was always going to be a low mileage month for me. I had a number of commitments that meant I was not going to be able to ride which is massively reflected in this months total. On the other hand if you are interested in someone doing a serious amount of miles in April check out my mate Sean who completed his 1000miles in April challenge that he was attempting. Many big ups and respect due to the man.

I’m still on for this years target (4000miles) as the last 2 months I was so over target but I really feel I want to get back on it in May. I have The Torq Rough Ride to do at the end of the month which is not too long, 48miles, but has a serious amount climbing, 7000ft! Definitely need to make sure my fitness is back up to scratch for that if I actually expect it to be any fun.

April – 231 miles

March – 578 miles

February – 406 miles

January – 305 miles

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  1.' Sean Brassil

    Cheers for the mention mate. Good luck with the Rough Ride, nothing like an event to keep you focused.

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