Mary Bars

Last week I bought some On-one Mary bars and fitted them to the P7. As the P7 is becoming my long distance machine I thought it might be worth giving them a blast to see if the different angle at which you hold the grips might be more comfortable on my wrists. I have done a couple of rides with them now and I’m totally undecided if they are better or worse. They are certainly different but I really need get a few weeks under my belt with them and also importantly get a lot more off road ridden with them. I should have a better review in a few weeks or so.

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  1.' Sean Brassil

    Interested to see what you think after a few more weeks. Been checking out some of those Ride the Divide folk and they seem to be running bars similar to this. Do you feel any less strain in the wrists and elbows?

So, what do you think ?

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