Ride Report: Hagley to Home Completed! Thursday 3rd May

This was a really tough ride tonight. The mud was insane and the rain relentless. It became more of a mental battle to carry on going than it was a physical one, even though physically it was pretty energy sapping slogging through the mud. It was so bad that even on the flat I had to run in a lower gear than normal, not just to wallow through it but so I had less torq to get some traction! On a side note I really need a new back tire.

Anyway I think this route could be very good in the dry. There were some sections of it that had that real feeling of being in the middle of no where which I really enjoy.It was pretty boggy in places last night though and actually unridable. I ended up pushing for some sections and going almost ankle deep while doing so. Like I said really tough going.

Think I’m going to leave it there as I’m totally knackered still and my memory of it is pretty hazy at this point, certainly type 2 fun.

So, what do you think ?

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