Photo Diary 4

I was in an area of work that I don’t have a huge amount of cause to go into any more called the copy bank. This room was primarily used for duplication, originally VHS and later DVD. Although some of that still goes on in there it has become a bit of a store room for equipment new and old. I was inspired by the number of multicoloured cables that are lying around in there looped around the end of shelves and coiled in piles all over the place. I grabbed my camera and started snapping.

Strange though how actually the pictures that came out the best were the ones of all the old TV studio gear rather than the ones of the stuff I went in there to get pictures of. I might investigate this again though as I’m sure there is something there in terms of the rainbows of wires that I just didn’t capture this time round.

So, what do you think ?

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