Lazer Nirvana helmet review

In terms of helmets I have been using a POC Receptor Flow, piss pot style lid for a few years now. It was OK and I never had any major complaints about it, but there were a few niggles that had built up over time that had started to bother me.

  1. It was hot, the air vent system was almost useless in my mind.
  2. It was heavy.
  3. When I tried it on I had just shaved my head so although I knew it was comfortable with no hair it meant the sizing was a bit tight with even a small amount of growth.
  4. Because the sizing was tight it meant I couldn’t wear any sort of hat under it in the winter.

It really wasn’t cheap though and so I soldiered on with it to get my monies worth. Over the last few months I had had enough and last week I stumbled across the Lazer Nirvana helmet on sale at Merlin. Normally this helmet goes for a whopping £109.99 (a price I would never pay for a helmet) but not only was there 55% off in their sale but a further £5 off the basket at check out. Bargain!

The helmet uses the RollSys fitting system which is a top mounted roller that tightens a cable that wraps the padded section around your head. This system is excellent and ensures a good fit no matter how long it’s been since you have been to the barbers. There is a leeway of roughly 2.5cm which means for me I can easily get a beanie on under it in the cold months. In the warm months the 21 vents are going to allow plenty of free flowing air to stop you over heating.

I have had the lid a couple of days now and used it for an extended period on Saturday for a blast around Cwm Carn. It was a warm day and the venting did its job to perfection. At no point did I even think about my head being warm let alone want to take it off, for the climb out of the valley. It is really light weight, a mere 260g, and after no time at all I had forgotten I was wearing it. I think the biggest compliment I can pay this helmet was that I didn’t even really think about the fact I was wearing a new lid until we had done the ride and I was packing my kit in the car, as it was just so unobtrusive and comfortable.

So if you are in the market for a new helmet I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s only draw back is the cost but if you get over to Merlin sooner rather than later, they have taken care of that problem for you.

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