Hope Tech Lever & X2 Calliper rebuild videos

A good friend of mine Sean, has recently put together a number of videos showing you how to strip and rebuild the Hope Tech Lever and X2 Calliper. Due to the possible consequences brakes can be a daunting thing to service yourself. Sean does an excellent job of simply explaining the process of dismantling the assemblies, replacing the seals, reassembling and showing you all the tools you need to get it done. Fortunately Hope build these brakes as a single piece of CNCed aluminium so there are very few parts, making them fairly easy to work on. Couple with this the easy availability of parts and what you have is a long term product that eventually gives you great value for money, even if the initial out lay is a little more expensive than some of the competition.

I have a couple of details to add to what Sean has in these videos.

  • When you come to refill the system you are clearly going to need some brake fluid. As standard Hope use DOT 5.1 brake fluid. Some might say this is over the top and that DOT 4.0 will do. Personally this is one of those times where I prefer to stick with whatever came in it originally.
  • Brake fluid isn’t really nice stuff. Firstly when draining your system make sure you dispose of it properly. This can be done at many car garages or your local municipal rubbish dump. Secondly it can be bad for the skin and cause dermatitis so it can be a good idea to wear some latex gloves.

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