New track and free download – It’s Nice by Nedos and Composite One

I haven’t done any music with Nedos for a while now. Mainly due to me being too busy mountain biking and him being too busy making pop tunes (harhar). Just before the studio was broken into and cleaned out we had finished off another drum and bass track called “It’s Nice”. I had uploaded to my sound cloud account after the last session we worked on it and then totally forgotten about it. As it turns out this ended up being the last copy in existence (seemingly) of a tune that we had thought was lost forever. I noticed it the other week and so we decided to put this one out there for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

As an extra bonus video for this post here is a video promo for 2nd City Productions which is Nedos’s studio. The video is by Wezism Designs & Photography.


…and if that wasn’t enough here is a tune we made a few years ago which we named in honour of today. Shame we got the date and so the name wrong…

So, what do you think ?

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