December Cycle Update


In all honesty I don’t have much to say about cycling for December. The weather was really crap and I didn’t end up getting out a huge amount. All of my local trails are in a bit of a state, with there not being a single route that is 100% ride-able at the moment. Many of these sections are avoidable by using country lanes instead but for the most part these are the best bits of the route anyway. Generally I can put up with some hike a bike but when its teeming down with rain before you even go out to ride the ankle deep mud may as well be waist deep considering what it does for your motivation. Additionally having to hose yourself down two or three times a week becomes very tiresome.

Christmas was good though. Great to have a quiet one just me and the Mrs. Happy New Year all.

December – 220 miles

November – 383 miles

October – 316 miles

September – 211 miles

August – 207 miles

July – 69 miles

June – 6 miles

May – 129 miles

April – 231 miles

March – 578 miles

February – 406 miles

January – 305 miles

So, what do you think ?

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