Six Month Portrait Finished

Shot 1 second a day for 6 months; 06/07/2012 to 05/01/2013. I missed about 5 days.

I started this project as a video diary of sorts. I realised after a couple of months that it wasn’t really working for me in the way I had hoped. I had been hoping that it would document “myself” in a location each day but it really didn’t work like that as it seemed to become more about just taking some video of me rather than what I was doing and where I was doing it. I decided to keep it going for 6 months rather than the year I had planned just to see what came out the other end. Here it is. I’m not particularly happy with it as I feel it’s a little boring. This might be just my view after working on it so much over a long period. Hopefully as a one time view you might like it.

EDIT: On reflection and after feedback I have changed my mind and do I actually quite like this now. 🙂

Six Month Portrait from Composite on Vimeo.

You can also see the gallery of stills I took from this video on the Six Month Portrait project page.

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