Isle of Man video

Isle of Man March 2013 from Composite on Vimeo.

Shot over 2 days riding on the Isle of Man in March 2013. It was shot on 2 GoPro’s and a Canon 600D. Pretty happy with this one as shooting while riding can mean a lot of work to do in the edit to make something worth while. This time however it all came together fairly easily. It’s also been a year since I did my last bike video so it was nice to get back into the groove of making them.

Most of the footage in this is from the GoPro’s. I used a few shots from the Canon but I’m still getting used to using it for this type of action filming. When considering the things I have shot with the Canon though I would put them all in the bracket of only having one chance to get a shot. So I found it quite surprising at how badly the footage from the Canon came out. Oh well more practice I guess. I’ll just keep persevering and hopefully I’ll be happy with what I get one day.

I did a lot of work on the colour as I was keen to give it a “look”, but it was difficult to match footage from days with completely different light and weather. Regardless I think I managed to give it an over all feel which was the goal.

A ride report can be found here:

Bikes are: blue Kona Dawg, white Orange Five, white and red Specialized Stumpjumper.


  1. composite

    Thanks Gairy, it’s mostly about time. Spending time getting footage, spending time looking through the clips and really only using the good stuff and finally spending time editing and being anal over where you cut. 🙂

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