Monday March 11th – Ride Report


I wimped out of off roading it today because I just couldn’t be arsed with getting covered in crap and having to hose everything down. I think I probably made an error in judgement though as it really didn’t take long for me to realise just how cold it was. The mud would have probably been mostly frozen and actually would have ridden pretty well I guess.

It was a ride of very mixed and odd weather. One moment it was sunny blue skies; the sort of beautiful winter weather that is a pleasure to ride in, then out of no where the sky would bruise the wind pick up and a blizzard would ensue for 5-10mins. Then like Keyser Söze, it was gone. Blue skies returned and peddling meant actually moving forwards. It was easy than you might think to keep at it though and I’d take riding in the snow over riding in the rain any day. The cold only really effected my feet today, which is not a good advert for the Northwave Celsius. It was the first time I have pulled off my boots and had a couple of numb toes, not almost but actually numb. The old over shoes might be order for tomorrows night ride.

So, what do you think ?

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