MYOG – Wind shield/Heat Reflector


I wasn’t really sure this was worth a whole post but as someone asked on a forum about wind shields I thought I may as well write it up. I’m not a big MYOG type of guy, I’d like to make more stuff more self but generally my skills lie else where. Honestly though anyone can make this.

windshield2I made a wind shield/heat reflector from a silver foil serving platter. A pack of two platters cost £1 from the pound shop. I folded one of the long edges up to give a straight edge for it to stand on. Then used a rolling pin to flatten the crease and the “tube” edging. The fact that the edges are finished means you don’t cut yourself on them like you might on think tin foil off the roll. I folded into 4 and there we have it, done.

It will slide into most bags; I put it along the back of the frame bag. As it is flexible it  will bend to what ever shape it needs to so doesn’t really take up any space. When it breaks I have a spare tray already so I’ll make another one. 🙂


So, what do you think ?

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