Summer Solstice at Elan Valley

Normally all my trips are pretty much always something bike related. However as my girlfriend is not really a cyclist… yet… it means that we normally don’t get to share some of the great locations that I often find myself in. She has always been into walking and getting out doors though. We wanted to do something for the summer Solstice, so we did the most micro of microadventures; walking up a hill and making a cuppa whilst watching the sun go down. As I have ridden around Rhayada and specifically Elan Valley quite a few times I thought it would make a great spot to watch the sun go down on the longest day.

In another departure from my blogging norm I’m not really going to write about this trip but instead let the pictures, video and audio tell the story. What comes next was all captured by Emma.





So, what do you think ?

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