The Glentress Pudding Club Reunion

Due to some pretty big life changes; Sean and Sarah moved back to Canada and Ed and Martin had kids (sadly not together), the Pudding club has not been able to ride together for several years. Fortunately Sean was over for work so we made the trip north to have a reunion weekend of riding and beer at Glentress. It was an brilliant weekend helped by some great weather and great trails. Some massive thanks has to go to the trail builders there who have done a great job of building a varied and entertaining riding experience. The grading of the trails is pretty much perfect and the skills and free ride areas are pitched just right for you to gradually improve your confidence and abilities. We stayed at Glentress forest lodge which is right at the trail head making it the perfect spot. I’m not going to go on to much as I certainly could write about this trip all week long, so instead here’s a big gallery of pictures that I’ll let do the talking for me.

So, what do you think ?

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