Mountain Biking

A few years ago I had a fairly drastic life style change. In a typical 30 something realisation of his own mortality I identified the need for exercise. Coupled with that, I also decided that I wanted to get out doors more and start enjoying the world around me. I decided to get back into biking which was something I did up until I was 16-17 years old when I discovered girls and partying. This time however I was going off road and bought myself a mountain bike or 2… You can check out what I ride and why on the My Bikes page.

I live in Birmingham which is not really a mountain biking mecca but I do have some amount of bridal way not that far from my door step or only a short train ride away. There seems to be very little in the way of on-line resources for routes around Birmingham so I have decided to share the routes that I have put together so hopefully others can enjoy them too. They are generally not technical routes at all but if you want to get out locally then they are fine. You can find those on the Routes page.

A bunch of random bike pics