Peak ITT Time Board

Timings for the Peak ITT.

Route by Ianfitz and FLV.

Position Name Date Time
1 FLV 30/03/2014 23h 56m 46s

Generic Rule-set (as set by

For a ride to satisfy the self-supported philosophy, it must comply with the rule-set listed below, and for the development of new routes a rule-set must be based around these key elements. Any other details related to the route or specific rules are up to the vision of the route director, normally the first person to step up and time-trial the route.

  1. Complete the entire route, under your own power  – no drafting
  2. Be completely self-supported throughout the ride – absolutely no support crews, absolutely no gear sharing
  3. Only use commercial services that are available to all challengers – no private resupply, no private lodging
  4. If you have to leave the route, you must re-join it at the exactly same spot
  5. No caches of any kind
  6. No pre-arranged support, which means before you begin your ride – e.g. booking a B&B, arranging to meet a vehicle
  7. No travel by any motorized means during your ride – by all means do so if necessary, but understand if you do your attempt is over

Note: A time trial completed with friends, family or media following the rider in a vehicle, effectively acting as a sag-wagon, is not a true self-supported effort. This style of ride with background support allows a rider to travel faster and lighter, adds complexity and cost, and is something not available to all attempts. Therefore rides completed like this are denoted with Vehicle Back-up (VB).