Summer Solstice at Elan Valley

Normally all my trips are pretty much always something bike related. However as my girlfriend is not really a cyclist… yet… it means that we normally don’t get to share some of the great locations that I often find myself in. She has always been into walking and getting out doors though. We wanted to […]


Into The Wind (video)

In To The Wind from Composite on Vimeo. We left Great Orms Head in North Wales to attempt the Welsh Coast to Coast. Unfortunately the weather and logistics got the better of us and we weren’t able to make it to Worms Head in the south as planned. That aside we had a great 3 […]


MYOG – Wind shield/Heat Reflector

I wasn’t really sure this was worth a whole post but as someone asked on a forum about wind shields I thought I may as well write it up. I’m not a big MYOG type of guy, I’d like to make more stuff more self but generally my skills lie else where. Honestly though anyone […]


Alpkit Stem Cell feed bag

A couple of years ago when I was first interested in feed bags there was very little on the market to choose from. They all seemed to be produced by US based companies and even without adding on shipping and tax were all be-musingly expensive. So instead of being annoyed about what I would be […]


Woolly Shepherd Boot Liners

This winter I have been having some issues with cold feet. I’m not really sure why as it’s not been that cold and it’s never been a problem before. 5 hours of numb toes is not fun for anyone and after one particular incident of it taking several hours for one toe to come back […]


February 2014 Cycle Update

So it’s been a bit of a funny month really. Not got a huge amount of riding done due to crappy weather putting me off, boredom of my local routes because of the lack of ridable trails at the moment and some man flu. I did get February’s bivi in though so that’s 2/2 for […]


Gravel Grinding Video

Gravel Grinding from Composite on Vimeo. Video from a bikepacking trip I went on in mid February. I had been hoping to avoid the worst of the very wet winter we have had by riding mostly gravel and forestry roads. Full ride report here: I’m not really that happy with this video. It’s been […]

Pogies – The Explorer Hot Pog

Simply put pogies are like a big mitten that attaches to the bike encasing all of the handle bar furniture to keep your hands warm. If you are interested a in a bit of the history about them, then I suggest heading over to Bike Packers Magazine and checking out their History of Pogies article. […]