September 2013 Cycle Update

September was meant to be about two things in my mind. Firstly there was the Manx End to End and secondly was me getting some serious miles into my legs for the Bearbones200. The End to End went quite well although not completely to plan due to a crash the day before. You can read […]

August 2013 Cycle Update

I feel I’m getting a little repetitive with these updates but I find myself once again stating that it has been a great month of riding. Sorry about that… well I’m not sorry at all. It’s not my fault the weather has been great but it is my fault that I have been taking advantage […]


The Building Of Lurch Part 1

With the decision that I was going to start racing, came the decision that I was going to need a race bike. I had my eye on one of those Chinese carbon frames but I had been worrying for a while about the pain in the arse I might have if anything went wrong it. […]


August Interval Training

During late July and August I have been doing 2 kinds of interval sessions on the static bike in the gym. I use the bike in the gym as I have wanted these sessions to be very controlled which I find very difficult to do when cycling off road in the real world. Tabata – […]


Home cooked trail food #6

Emu’s Flapjack These flapjacks are awesome! They contain quite a lot of butter though so they are a bit fattier than I would normally like but what the hell they taste great and they still have plenty of carbs in. They tend to be a bit harder and dryer than shop bought ones which means […]


July 2013 Cycle Update

With weather like we have had is it no wonder riding has been a absolute pleasure over the last 4 weeks. Pretty much every ride ended covered in dust, be it a sticky layer of sun cream or plain old sweat that was the catalyst. I actually got a little bored of my normal routes […]


Cane Creek Ergo Grip II Bar End Review

I have been using the Cane Creek Ergo bar ends for almost 6 months and in short I like them. I had been looking around at bar ends for quite a while but I had always had reservations. Most designs are such that it means that you have to reach out in front of the […]


Off Season Plan for racing in 2014 (Part1)

So before I get into this I need to point out that the plan I’m putting together for myself is heavily based upon these articles from 2005 on the Team MWC, FTJ, NGT blog, which in turn are based on The Morris Way. Off season training part 1 Off season training part 2 Off season training […]


Home cooked trail food #5

The first time I did the rice cakes I used the wrong rice. They were nice but they didn’t hold together as a cake at all. Now I’m using the Glutinous sticky rice, they are holding together and work every well out on the trail. Here is a savory one and a sweet one. Raspberry and […]


Saddle sores – prevention and cure.

Before we get in to this, this post is certainly in danger of being “to much information”. However if you suffer with sores then you will understand that there is no such thing if it helps you stop having them in future. This is just how far I have got with the topic and I […]


My first century – Ride report

Sat here writing this I’m feeling quite pleased with myself today. Yesterday I attempted the longest single ride that I have done and did it. I have wanted to do a 100miles for a while now and last week I decided that this weekend was going to be the right time to go for it. […]