Sunday 7th April – Ride Report

I wasn’t really up for this as a bout of insomnia the night before had left me feeling tired and grumpy. After some cajoling from my girl friend that I would feel better if I got out, I did and she was right. Having said that it did really hurt though and I found myself […]


Cotswolds Wednesday 3rd April – Ride Report

The plan had been to head up to Cannock and get a lap in, but unfortunately the trail center was still closed after the recent snow. Apparently there were still a number of unsafe trees that fall at any time so we had to change the plan. After consulting the SingleTrack hive mind it appeared […]


March 2013 Cycle Update

Not a huge amount of miles this month but I have had a good amount of fun rides so it has felt like another good biking month. I wasn’t in work quite a lot this month so commuter miles were down. Sadly I would have normally been using those days off for proper riding but […]


Sunday 31st March – Ride Report

After Saturday’s debacle I went out for another ride today. I really wanted to stretch my legs so I planned a long version of an after work road route I have. I bumped it up to 50 miles and feed in a bunch of climbs to push the climbing up. I found it tough to […]


Saturday 30th March – Ride Report

Got out today for a short blast. The hope was that enough snow had melted in the Licky Hills to make a more conventional ride of it than the weekend before. Unfortunately this wasn’t really the case and the majority of the runs I know were still covered in snow. If anything it was worse […]


Spring Snow video

Spring Snow from Composite on Vimeo. We got out riding in the snow. Martin didn’t just bring his bike. All shot on 2 GoPros. UPDATE: 08/04/2013 This video was featured in Single Tracks Midweek mini movies 143.


Saturday 23rd March – Ride Report

It would be stretching the limits of language to really describe this as a ride report. “Walk in the snow”, “Dicking about in the snow”, “Cold in the snow” all would be fine but “ride…” hmmm. Most of last year I had been looking forward to this years snow so that I could make a […]


Monday March 11th – Ride Report

I wimped out of off roading it today because I just couldn’t be arsed with getting covered in crap and having to hose everything down. I think I probably made an error in judgement though as it really didn’t take long for me to realise just how cold it was. The mud would have probably […]


Sunday Tribulations

This should have been a ride report but unfortunately I didn’t really get enough riding done to warrant a report. Just over 2 miles in, I wasn’t even at the station yet, I realise I was going to be pretty tight on time to get the train. The lights went red and I committed the […]

Sunday 3rd March – Ride Report

My Dad needed some help with putting a new chain on his bike as he doesn’t have a chain breaker. He popped up to see me so I could get it sorted and we thought why not make a day of it and go for a ride afterwards. Putting the chain on was going fine […]


Wednesday 27th Feb – Ride Report

I mentioned in my post about riding on the road how much had been enjoying it. Well it really only took about 5mins of my first off road ride for ages for me to remember what it is that got me back into biking a few years ago. I was loving it! It was nice […]


Road riding on the ridgid and ride report

Over the last few weeks I have managed to get back to doing some riding that isn’t commuting. This has mostly taken the form of a few Saturday morning pootles, with all of the rides being on the road. What?…well there are a couple of reasons for this. I felt that I was “OK to […]