Feedback Sports Rakk Stand

I keep my bikes in the house and until fairly recently that has meant one in the hall way and one… where ever it was least in the way, which changed daily. To be honest both of them were pretty much constantly a pain in the arse. Fortunately my good lady came out with the […]


Trend Pro Grabit Bolt and Screw Remover

Probably the least sexy blog post I’m ever going to write. However it maybe a useful one if you have rounded out a bolt and have already exhausted all your options. I rounded out the M6 bolt which holds the pinch clamp of my gear shifter to the handle bar. Unfortunately it’s recessed which meant […]


New Holga!

Back in August I mentioned that I was retiring my Holga due to, what I have diagnosed, as the spring going in the shutter. It wasn’t totally borked but it did mean that I always needed a solid surface to brace the body against when trying to get a picture. Considering this is a camera […]


2013 Goals and January 2013 Cycle Update

I haven’t written about the crash I had at the end of 2012. I’m not sure why really I just never got round to it. I feel it’s a bit late now to tell the story in any detail but I do feel it’s relevant to mention it in relation to my January update and […]


December Cycle Update

In all honesty I don’t have much to say about cycling for December. The weather was really crap and I didn’t end up getting out a huge amount. All of my local trails are in a bit of a state, with there not being a single route that is 100% ride-able at the moment. Many […]