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Primus AluTech Pot 0.6L

I had been using a cheap Mountain Life 0.8L Alu cooking pot up until very recently. Unfortunately I didn’t dry it out properly after one use and the gas canister that I packed inside, rusted and left an indelible rusty ring round the bottom of it. It was dented and out of shape but had […]

Rode Video Mic Pro

Although DSLR’s are good for making great video, sound recording on the tiny internal microphone is left sadly lacking. Couple with that some poor internal sound boosting and you have a combination that although gets the job done, does let down the whole package. I started a project a while ago where getting some decent […]

Lazer Nirvana helmet review

In terms of helmets I have been using a POC Receptor Flow, piss pot style lid for a few years now. It was OK and I never had any major complaints about it, but there were a few niggles that had built up over time that had started to bother me. It was hot, the […]