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First long one for a while

Yesterday I got back to doing some proper long riding. It was the first decent length ride I have done since my knee injury and was a bit mixed in terms of “success”. I added in some long new sections of off road that I have only found recently which made the ride harder but […]


August 2013 Cycle Update

I feel I’m getting a little repetitive with these updates but I find myself once again stating that it has been a great month of riding. Sorry about that… well I’m not sorry at all. It’s not my fault the weather has been great but it is my fault that I have been taking advantage […]


August Interval Training

During late July and August I have been doing 2 kinds of interval sessions on the static bike in the gym. I use the bike in the gym as I have wanted these sessions to be very controlled which I find very difficult to do when cycling off road in the real world. Tabata – […]


July 2013 Cycle Update

With weather like we have had is it no wonder riding has been a absolute pleasure over the last 4 weeks. Pretty much every ride ended covered in dust, be it a sticky layer of sun cream or plain old sweat that was the catalyst. I actually got a little bored of my normal routes […]