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Posh Boys Bothy

I had planned to be riding and biving in Norfolk last weekend but unfortunately Nigel showed his true colours opting to spend the weekend with his in laws rather than doing man stuff with the boys. Duly noted sir, duly noted…. Luckily for me Mike came to the rescue trying to arrange a trip to […]

Summer Solstice at Elan Valley

Normally all my trips are pretty much always something bike related. However as my girlfriend is not really a cyclist… yet… it means that we normally don’t get to share some of the great locations that I often find myself in. She has always been into walking and getting out doors though. We wanted to […]


Rhayader West – Ride Report

After racing the BB200 I was interested to see what the sections were like that I rode in the dark. Looking at the map it seemed that the areas to the west of Rhayader around the reservoirs should be very picturesque so I put together a route that took in these areas. Thanks has to […]