First long one for a while

Yesterday I got back to doing some proper long riding. It was the first decent length ride I have done since my knee injury and was a bit mixed in terms of “success”. I added in some long new sections of off road that I have only found recently which made the ride harder but […]


Summer Solstice at Elan Valley

Normally all my trips are pretty much always something bike related. However as my girlfriend is not really a cyclist… yet… it means that we normally don’t get to share some of the great locations that I often find myself in. She has always been into walking and getting out doors though. We wanted to […]


Into The Wind (video)

In To The Wind from Composite on Vimeo. We left Great Orms Head in North Wales to attempt the Welsh Coast to Coast. Unfortunately the weather and logistics got the better of us and we weren’t able to make it to Worms Head in the south as planned. That aside we had a great 3 […]


MYOG – Wind shield/Heat Reflector

I wasn’t really sure this was worth a whole post but as someone asked on a forum about wind shields I thought I may as well write it up. I’m not a big MYOG type of guy, I’d like to make more stuff more self but generally my skills lie else where. Honestly though anyone […]