Banff Mountain Film Festival 2014

I have volunteered to be a member of the Banff Mountain Film Festival trail team for their showings in Birmingham at the start of February. I will be helping out on the day, with what I’m not sure yet, but if you come down look out for me and say hi. Details below: Date: 7 February […]


Quicky in the garden

It had been a difficult month. I had had a lot of chances of to get out but due to one thing or another those chances kept passing me by. I couldn’t even do a local one as something was up with my knee again and wanted a few days off the bike to make sure […]


Tour De Yorkshire Video

Tour de Yorkshire from Composite on Vimeo. Well it’s here at last. I have been holding off on this one for ages now as I have entered it into the Bearbones bikepacking video competition. If you like it and wold like to vote for it you can do over on the bearbones forum.


The Start of Something New

I recently picked up a second hand “rolling chassis” of a Singular Kite from my mate Ian. I took a pair of Fulcrum 7 CX race wheels and a Chris King headset off his hands, along with some Salsa Wood Chipper bars and the all the cabling. I hadn’t been looking to get this sort […]


Primus AluTech Pot 0.6L

I had been using a cheap Mountain Life 0.8L Alu cooking pot up until very recently. Unfortunately I didn’t dry it out properly after one use and the gas canister that I packed inside, rusted and left an indelible rusty ring round the bottom of it. It was dented and out of shape but had […]

A 5-9 Adventure

A 5-9 adventure from Composite on Vimeo. A short bivi trip after work one day and straight into work the next morning. Ride Report. It took me ages to get this video finished. I think I got distracted by the Welsh Ride Thing video and the video I’m making of the Tour de Yorkshire bivi […]

First long one for a while

Yesterday I got back to doing some proper long riding. It was the first decent length ride I have done since my knee injury and was a bit mixed in terms of “success”. I added in some long new sections of off road that I have only found recently which made the ride harder but […]