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Posh Boys Bothy

I had planned to be riding and biving in Norfolk last weekend but unfortunately Nigel showed his true colours opting to spend the weekend with his in laws rather than doing man stuff with the boys. Duly noted sir, duly noted…. Luckily for me Mike came to the rescue trying to arrange a trip to […]

A 5-9 Adventure

A 5-9 adventure from Composite on Vimeo. A short bivi trip after work one day and straight into work the next morning. Ride Report. It took me ages to get this video finished. I think I got distracted by the Welsh Ride Thing video and the video I’m making of the Tour de Yorkshire bivi […]

First long one for a while

Yesterday I got back to doing some proper long riding. It was the first decent length ride I have done since my knee injury and was a bit mixed in terms of “success”. I added in some long new sections of off road that I have only found recently which made the ride harder but […]