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The Little Things

Just wanted to give a big shout of thanks to Marc Reck for playing the Composite One and bavelja remix of Global Enemies by Lynx and Kemo on his radio show. Not only great that maybe someone outside of my FaceBook circle has got to hear it but that he also thought it worthy of […]


In the studio with Kaypa

Rewind about 12 months and Nedos and I were working on a drum and bass track. Between one of our sessions Nedos played it to Kaypa who started spitting a verse had just written. They decided to lay down this one verse just to see how it fit and we were all very happy with […]


Building Speaker Stands Guide

We moved house a few months ago and although I’m pretty happy with the new room that I have for my studio, the re-arrangement meant that I now didn’t have a surface to put the monitors on. After looking around for speaker stands and thinking that everything seemed a bit expensive for what you got […]