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BearBones Winter Bivi 2014

It’s taken me ages to get around to posting this one, mostly due to reason far to boring to go into. I’m going to keep this one short and hopefully let the pictures do the talking, although to be fair it’s not like they are that great. Once again there were a number of BearBones […]

Tour De Yorkshire Video

Tour de Yorkshire from Composite on Vimeo. Well it’s here at last. I have been holding off on this one for ages now as I have entered it into the Bearbones bikepacking video competition. If you like it and wold like to vote for it you can do over on the bearbones forum.


Posh Boys Bothy

I had planned to be riding and biving in Norfolk last weekend but unfortunately Nigel showed his true colours opting to spend the weekend with his in laws rather than doing man stuff with the boys. Duly noted sir, duly noted…. Luckily for me Mike came to the rescue trying to arrange a trip to […]

Primus AluTech Pot 0.6L

I had been using a cheap Mountain Life 0.8L Alu cooking pot up until very recently. Unfortunately I didn’t dry it out properly after one use and the gas canister that I packed inside, rusted and left an indelible rusty ring round the bottom of it. It was dented and out of shape but had […]