Ride Log 2012

As of September 2012, I using this log to record for mini ride reports as a replacement for a full length report. I’m too busy now to write up all the reports that I used to, so this serves as some sort of short hand diary. I will continue to write ride reports when I feel the need but these will be far less often now.

Date Distance  Elevation Time Location Notes Image
30/12/2012  12miles 1200ft  – Cannock It was pretty fortunate to get a day of almost no rain for the last ride of the year. Cannock was fairly muddy but all ride-able so in real terms it was very good conditions considering the rain we have had. Was nice to get out with Ed once more during 2012 but it was unfortunate that I hit a tree in a low speed mystery crash. My ribs are killing me today…  
08/12/2012 6miles 1133ft Long Mynd We meant to go out for longer today but we had a couple of problems which delayed us and Ed had to get back for fatherly duties. Blue skies and bright, warm in the sun but cold in the shade. Great descent at Carding Mill Valley, it’s one of my favorites in the Midlands.  
04/12/2012 16miles  971ft Lichfield Cold, cold, cold. The trail was pretty cut up to from horses and it made the going slow. There were a lot of places that have barely been even muddy before that were hike-a-bike tonight. Ed and I enjoyed it but it was right on the edge of becoming type 2 fun. I have to find some new routes.
30/11/2012 30miles  – Cannock This was the last ride of the pudding club before Seam goes back to Canada. Conditions were perfect; sunny and cold, the trail was riding fast and I was flying up the climbs. Best ride I have ever had at Cannock. The day was awesome and a fitting send off.
27/11/2012 27miles 2499ft 3h 14m Licky/Clent Hills Attitude is so important when you go riding in bad weather. Today I got it right and really enjoyed my ride. Clearly it was cold and wet… how else would it be?
21/11/2012 15miles 1340ft Licky Hills I have never seen the Licky Hills as sketchy as the rain made them tonight. Hills where I was peddling against running water, descents with very deep brand new drainage gullies and super slippery “front wheel washing out” type mud. I was climbing hills faster than I was descending. I couldn’t get warm either which is odd for me. On the whole a rubbish ride.
17/11/2012  15miles 1340ft  – Licky Hills Went out with the intention of exploring the Lickys some more. I have ridden there for a few years but I pretty much always do the same route. Found a load of new trails that make the route loads more interesting. Narrowly avoided an OTB but still crashed and landed heavy. Cuts, grazes and bruises down my left side.  img_5533_web
07/11/2012 16miles 861ft  – Lichfield Great to get out with the lads tonight, seems like ages since I have been on a group ride. It was a mild evening conditions were muddy but nothing to bad. Nice to finally get out to Lichfield considering how many times of late trains have stopped us.
05/11/2012 24miles 2100ft 2h 53m Hagley Felt like tough going tonight. My legs felt heavy and slow but I enjoyed it none the less. Tried out a shorter version of the Hagley to Barnt Green route, to make it a bit more evening ride suitable. Still got some work to do if honest.
27/10/2012 40miles  1334ft 3h 59m Warwickshire It was fairly cold and breezy but not uncomfortably so and the bright low sun made this feel like the first ride of winter. Bit muddy and sticky but not to bad. Felt quite tired most of the ride, and I was glad to get home when I did. Great ride though and I’m hoping for lots more of these types of days this winter.
24/10/2012 29miles 2730ft  3h 20m Lickys/Clent Was happy with how I rode in some testing conditions. The mud never got bad but it was windy and cold and it rained most of the evening. I really enjoyed it though. My new winter boots got their first outing – impressed.  
17/10/2012 23miles 1300ft South Birmingham Met up with my mate Ben that I hadn’t seen for a good while. We should have been in Lichfield but the trains were all cancelled. It was really good to get out for a proper in the dark type night ride, although it was super muddy and wet.
13/10/2012 23miles 1300ft  – South Birmingham Started off a very bright but chilly afternoon pootle. Half an hour in the rain started and although wasn’t heavy it was enough to get me to not hang around too long anywhere. On the whole a fun ride.
 04/09/2012  30miles 1916ft  – Hagley Ed and myself. Bright evening, got cold once dark. Trails either bone dry or unridable. Had to detour and got a little lost.
01/09/2012 12 miles  900ft Cwm Carn Martin, Dan, Ben and myself. Sunny and warm, dry and dusty trails. Felt really good on the climbs and barely used the granny gear at all. First time with the Five there and enjoyed it immensely.