Still working on the site

It has taken me loads longer to get this going than I thought it was going too. I really am almost there now though in terms of basic layout for all the templates etc so I have made some ground. Just in case you are interested I’m powering all the music with sound cloud players, […]


Working on the site

I have decided to to a bit of a public beta of this web site and develop it in public so to speak. In all honesty its just easier to do it this way, I’m not entirely jumping on the band wagon of web trends. Anyway I made the call I that to begin with […]


Welcome to the new site

So here is my new web site. I have decided to stop blogging about drum and bass and start blogging about what I’m up to in terms of music production. I always foresaw that the blog would be my take on things but this didn’t really happen as much as I would have liked. I […]