BBB Hardware Overshoes

I have been using over shoes for a few years and I like them. Sure they are a bit of pain in the arse to get on and off sometimes and I tend to refer to them as my clown shoes but over all I think the benefits out weigh the draw backs. They are […]


January 2014 Cycle Update

I have done a fair amount of riding this month but it’s all been in the shape of a big, hilly weekend ride once a week. I’ve not really done any mid week riding at all. While being a bit disappointing, considering the poor weather we have had is hardly a surprise. I have also […]


Home Cooked Trail Food #8

Chocolate Seed Pods It had been a while since I had experimented with any new home made trail food. I had been so into just eating variations of my flapjacks and bananas when out riding that I just didn’t really need to bother with anything else. A few weeks ago however I decided I wanted […]


November 2013 Cycle Update

This month has not really been about riding my bike. A part from one visit to the Forest of Dean with Martin I haven’t done any pleasure riding at all, with all my miles coming from commuting. This hasn’t been an accident though, as I have been hitting the gym pretty hard which hasn’t really […]

Ergon GP2 Grip & Bar Ends Review

Having had such success with using Cane Creek Ergo Grip II Bar Ends it was a no brainer for me to go for more bar ends on my new Lurcher build. I wasn’t sure what I wanted in terms of grips but having heard from a friend who liked the Ergon grips, I put them […]


Home Cooked Trail Food #7

I made some variations on my flapjacks this weekend to give some variety and because I wanted to try out making a more protein rich versions. I started off with the same basic recipe but made a small batch (see below), then halved the mixture and added some extra flavor to each. In one half […]


Rhayader West – Ride Report

After racing the BB200 I was interested to see what the sections were like that I rode in the dark. Looking at the map it seemed that the areas to the west of Rhayader around the reservoirs should be very picturesque so I put together a route that took in these areas. Thanks has to […]


Events for 2014

I have spent the last few weeks gradually building up a list of what events I want to do in 2014. I have been aiming at doing 12/24 hour racing, 100 milers and unsupported racing/ITT events. Unfortunately it seems that there are quite a few of clashing dates next year for things that I had […]