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Woolly Shepherd Boot Liners

This winter I have been having some issues with cold feet. I’m not really sure why as it’s not been that cold and it’s never been a problem before. 5 hours of numb toes is not fun for anyone and after one particular incident of it taking several hours for one toe to come back […]


Pogies – The Explorer Hot Pog

Simply put pogies are like a big mitten that attaches to the bike encasing all of the handle bar furniture to keep your hands warm. If you are interested a in a bit of the history about them, then I suggest heading over to Bike Packers Magazine and checking out their History of Pogies article. […]


BBB Hardware Overshoes

I have been using over shoes for a few years and I like them. Sure they are a bit of pain in the arse to get on and off sometimes and I tend to refer to them as my clown shoes but over all I think the benefits out weigh the draw backs. They are […]


Endura Superlite Shell Shorts

Water proof shorts are one of the best investments I have ever made in terms of cycling clothing and the recent Endura sale at Chain Reaction gave me a chance to pick up another pair. Getting totally soaked wearing baggies can at best get pretty uncomfortable and at worst can leave you sitting on a […]