Reveal Your Path Salsa Video Contest

Salsa, the bike manufacturer, not the tasty dip are currently running a video contest called Reveal Your Path. Its basically a “make a video of what cycling means to you” type affair. It’s a shame that I missed the closing date for this as being a total bike video geek, creating and watching, this would have been right up my top tube. None the less we can all have a hand in who the winner is by heading over to their web site and voting on one of the 8 videos they have picked as the potential winner.

Personally I choose the video below. I really like the guys attitude. Seemingly the majority of videos that appear on-line showing peoples riding are all about the super rad-core gnar shredding or the incredibly epic adventures that really only represent 1% of the bike riders out there. Jose Pasqual’s video represents the other 99% of us.


So, what do you think ?

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