Bikepacking Shropshire Video

Bikepacking Shropshire (May 2013) from Composite on Vimeo.

I got the train out to Church Stretton and rode to Marshbrook staying on the Blazing Bikes camp site. The next day I rode back to Birmingham.

The route back ended up being longer and more hilly than I had originally planned. It was 76miles with 7500ft of climbing which normally would have been fine but with a loaded bike it ended up being harder than I thought it might. I still enjoyed it, though some bits were definitely type 2 fun. I would certainly do this sort of route again, I would just be a bit more prepared for it next time.

Ride report here:

When I had finished editing I wasn’t entirely happy with this video as I think I should have just got more footage considering the time I was riding that day. I think generally speaking it captures the mood of the trip which is ultimately always my goal with any of these little films I make.

On reflection after a few days not really looking at it and after a good amount of positive feedback from SDW and Vimeo I’m actually a bit more pleased with it.

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