Cannock Friday 31st May – Ride Report

After a week of getting soaked commuting I had been looking forward to this ride with some trepidation. I assumed that our crap weather would shaft us big time and it would be more of the same. How wrong I was! Martin, Ed and myself were treated to the first warm sunny evening of the week which is pretty remarkable considering this ride was organised weeks ago. It was the first time I had been back to Cannock since breaking my rib there at the end of December and I was surprised at how busy the trail pixies had been. It seems like every almost section has a real name now rather than a number which is something I like. It helps give a trail more character and makes the sections more memorable.. There has been a huge amount of resurfacing work done to remove some of the breaking bumps and pot holes. There are a number of sections such as “Pot of Gold” and “Roller Coaster” that have been cut wider and now have new and larger berms. Roller Coaster in particular felt like it had even been possibly rerouted in the odd place. The trail seems to have been built up more in a lot of places and more sump holes and drainage ditches dug. With any luck the improved drainage might make the surface last a bit longer, but with the amount of traffic that Cannock gets I’m not holding my breath.

I decided that I would try something a bit different to getting the obligatory abandoned bikes picture for the ride report and tried out Vine for the first time. Those animated looping pictures above are created using the Vine app on the iPhone. I think I quite like them, but I’ll need a bit of practice before I’m really rocking them. Could also do with a new iPhone as the video camera on the 3Gs is a bit pony but hey it will do for now.


I almost forgot to mention that this week my copy of Feedzone Portables arrived and I cooked up 3 of the receipies for last nights trail snacks. I detected a distinct lack of faith in my culinary skills from the lads to start with but after tucking in the verdict was resoundingly positive. I’m going to write up some more about it this week.

So, what do you think ?

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