SP Dynamo Hub PD-8X (the 15mm axle version)


I have had my eye on the PD-8 dynamo hub for a while now since seeing it originally as the re-badged exposure version that they bundle with their Revo light. As I was aiming to build a endurance race bike the thought of a dynamo to power lights and recharge the GPS made perfect sense. I did a bit more research and after reading Rob Dean‘s report on using one during the 2012 EWE race and more recently seeing Mike Hall using one while winning the 2013 Tour Divide I was sold that this was the piece of kit to move forwards with.

One concern I had had however was that as I was building a new bike I would prefer to go for a 15mm bolt through axle as opposed to a standard QR. The main reason for this is the choice of forks out there, especially when you are trying to do it as cheaply as possible. The sales on sites like On One and Merlin seem to be full of 15mm options and lacking QR options. On top of this you also have the increased stiffness of the bolt though. I’m also of the opinion that eventually QR will get phased out in the same way that non tapered steerer seem to be currently. I see this hub lasting me a very long time and I hope that it will out last several forks, so I want it to be as future proofed as possible.

I had heard that they were working on a 15mm version but finally it seems like it’s here… or almost here anyway. The initial date had been set for an August release but this turned out to not be possible so they are now looking at a September release. When ever it comes out I guess it must be quite soon as it’s in their product catalogue for 2104 which you can check out below

15mm-QR_convertor_axleAlthough I was hoping for a 15mm version I was actually hoping it might be a bit more versatile as I do already own a QR rigid 29er fork. You won’t find this in the catalogue but they say that they will also be releasing an axle converter, similar to the one pictured here from O-lite. Apparently being one part and a proper axle it’s far stronger than some of the alternatives such as the Mavic 15mm to 9mm adapter.


SP Dynamo System’s product catalogue for 2014.



  1. kelsign@creativearts.com' kellyllek

    Did you pull the trigger? I think there’s two options for 15mm thru, the SP and a Schmidt. Any idea if either of them can disengage entirely? I think some of the QR dynamos can. Though I found an article that explains how the drag is really minimal:

    Meanwhile for a light it seems the Busch and Muller have this Luxos U that is the top of the line light that also has a USB port configured into the system and the ability to hook up a rear light too. It has special features, like, at night it will automatically send power to the light first before trying to power the USB. In general it seems like the best package compared to others or DIY, = But they also have a sort of separate system, one called the EWerk and the Werk, that allows you to adjust the USB voltage too, and I wonder if that may be best instead; it’s all a bit confusing!
    I just did a 320 mile ride where I was hoping to go all night, and what slowed me down was the light batteries running out and my backup external batteries for the phone, gpx, and music speaker all needing recharge too! I’m not sure I can charge all that but just having steady light would be a start.

So, what do you think ?

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