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BearBones Winter Bivi 2014

It’s taken me ages to get around to posting this one, mostly due to reason far to boring to go into. I’m going to keep this one short and hopefully let the pictures do the talking, although to be fair it’s not like they are that great. Once again there were a number of BearBones […]

Quicky in the garden

It had been a difficult month. I had had a lot of chances of to get out but due to one thing or another those chances kept passing me by. I couldn’t even do a local one as something was up with my knee again and wanted a few days off the bike to make sure […]


A 5-9 Adventure

A 5-9 adventure from Composite on Vimeo. A short bivi trip after work one day and straight into work the next morning. Ride Report. It took me ages to get this video finished. I think I got distracted by the Welsh Ride Thing video and the video I’m making of the Tour de Yorkshire bivi […]