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Just wanted to give a big shout of thanks to Marc Reck for playing the Composite One and bavelja remix of Global Enemies by Lynx and Kemo on his radio show. Not only great that maybe someone outside of my FaceBook circle has got to hear it but that he also thought it worthy of going between Logistics and Randomer on the set list!

You can check out the recording of Mr Elephant Radio Show #30 from 09/08/10 over at mix cloud. Marc does the Mr Elephant radio show every Monday evening 6-8pm on Rhubarb Radio. Check it out, its normally a massively eclectic mix of all sort of music from Ska to all forms of dance through to acoustic and world music. Marc also has his own web site

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  1.' Marc Reck

    Cheers for the linkage mate 🙂 Glad you feelin the mix.

    Re show style, we are getting more dj mix based from recent, so that i can rep the new mixing, and promote the new promos, so will probably be less of the live side.

    The show’s always been a mixtape in the sense of putting together the music as a whole listening experience, but when we started, the focus was more integrated with the events, so would be a platform to rep all the styles we’d do at the different mr elephant events, e.g ska, world music, alongside the underground dj stuff. Now we’ve taken a break from the events from last may, its seemed more appropriate to move it into more dj mixtape based, so that the shows double up as (hopefully) quality dloable mixes and promote the music i get sent/buy dj out, etc. We’ll prob incorporate one more eclectic dj mix (like swing/balkan, etc), and one live music show (acoustic,ska,rock,jazz,world etc), each month or so, but the focus will be more a big 2 hour dj mix, starting chilled trip hop & gltich hop, etc, up through various styles of breaks, techno, dubstep and drum and bass.

    Long comment there(!:),but hope the background helps quantify the eclectic side a bit for anyone who might be thinking of tuning in.

    Thanks again for post mate. 🙂

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