Off Season Plan for racing in 2014 (Part1)


So before I get into this I need to point out that the plan I’m putting together for myself is heavily based upon these articles from 2005 on the Team MWC, FTJ, NGT blog, which in turn are based on The Morris Way.

I’m essentially rehashing this plan for my own goals and time frame. I may well change up some bits of this in future based upon what actually happens in reality (it’s only a plan after all) and what the sports scientist I see at the Birmingham University High Performance Centre has to say about it.

Generally speaking my training has always just been about riding my bike loads. Although you specificity monkeys out there might nod your head at this being the best way I forwards, my own experience suggests it’s not the best way for me. I found that when I was just riding it was great for my endurance but I found it difficult to improve on my speed and strength. Of late I have changed up my gym routine to be more heavily focused on compound movements and more centered around the legs than all over. I know this might seem like a no brainier but whatever…

My current gym routine is:

Dumbbell incline bench press, seated cable rows, lat pull down, dead lift, rack squat, ham string curl, leg press and plank. I also throw in some curls and dips once a week sometimes.

I have only been doing this new routine about 4 weeks but I’m already feeling so much stronger pushing up hills and pushing faster for longer on the flat that I was genuinely shocked. I’m not so sure that I’m actually that much stronger, due to the time scale, but I almost feel like doing the bigger leg routine has woken up my legs some how. I’m aware of how “bro science” this sounds but it is my honest experience. Anyway this got me to thinking that I really should be more concerned about training the different aspects of bike riding and that once I had finished all the planned events that I wanted to take part in this “season” that I would follow a proper off season plan to get me in the best shape possible for my goal of starting to race in earnest during 2014. The last event I’m planning to do in 2013 is the BearBones 200 at the end of October.

Goals For 2014

  1. At least 3 x 12 hour races.
  2. At least 1 x 24 hour races.
  3. At least 1 unsupported bikepacking race.
  4. Other bikepacking stuff, but I’m not sure what the measurable goal is for that yet.

I think these goals are manageable and realistic. I don’t think this would burn me out in my first season or be too much to get bored of. I don’t expect to be winning my class/category but I don’t expect to come last either. I would be hoping to hit something like top third/half in my class/category.

Time Table

My plan is going to run from November 2013 through to March 2014. The plan below show how I’m intending to split up the time into different types of training. Hopefully this should hit all the areas I need to while keeping it interesting.

I’m going to leave the plan there for now and write up a number of other articles on each section of the plan as I come to them. Expect something for the first muscle building stage some time soon. I’m going to say now though that I’m not going to be uber strict with myself. I think it’s going to be more important that I enjoy what I’m doing and if that means missing a session because I want to go do something with my girlfriend or go riding with mates, then I’m going to miss a session.






So, what do you think ?

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