Woolly Shepherd Boot Liners


This winter I have been having some issues with cold feet. I’m not really sure why as it’s not been that cold and it’s never been a problem before. 5 hours of numb toes is not fun for anyone and after one particular incident of it taking several hours for one toe to come back to life even once home, I decided that something had to be done!

One of the suggestions was to replace the liners of my winter boots with something with a bit more insulation. I stumbled across these boot liners from Woolly Shepherd. They are an independent British manufacturer (based in the South West) who specialise in creating products from natural materials; primarily it seems felted wool. Their main product line is actually acoustic treatments for various applications but they have a small “home wares” line which includes the boot liners. woollybootliners2They are made from 100% wool and so are completely sustainable and once worn out can be composted. They come in 2 sizes; I went with the large for a 44euro size shoe and had to trim them down. This was easily done though with a pair of scissors.

Being only £4.99 I thought they were well worth a punt. I didn’t expect them to be the end of my cold feet worries but I had hoped that they might at least give me a degree or 2 or extra warmth. I’m happy to say that they have done just that. At first they seemed quite thick making my shoes feel a little smaller. Not overly tight as being winter boots I had sized up anyway but certain tighter then they were before. After a few wears they had compressed a little, but this didn’t seem to make much difference to how well they insulated. An added bonus of these soles is just how luxurious my boots feel now. They are quite simply just really comfortable.

I had had some concern over how they would respond to getting wet. Although I was putting them in a water proof winter boot, the big hole where your foot goes will always let some water in if the rain gets heavy enough. I’m pleased to say that the liners dry very quickly when removed from the boot and don’t smell.

I’d happily recommend these and will certainly replace the ones I have when they wear out. I might even get a pair for my walking shoes for the extra comfort alone.


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